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Over 10,000 songs played by hundreds of cutting edge artists
Muskegon Michigan's only Christian Rock Radio.
Conceived of in 2003 and finally on the air in 2008 Hey Radio, 88.9 FM was built to fill a void. Fully built and operated by dedicated volunteers who realize that there's no greater calling than to glorify and honor the name of Jesus Christ.

This is NOT your parents radio! When you want the best in cutting edge Christian music, tune in 88.9 FM. You'll have all the rhythm and beat that you want without all the cussin' and innuendo that you don't want.

Commercial Free and listener supported. Hey Radio strives to bring you nothin' but good tunes, lots of energy, and inspirational lyrics that will help believers and unbelievers alike.

Listen online at heyradio.com. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
CR-20 News

CR-20 News

This Week’s Guest: We Are Leo
This week on the show we are joined by David Duffield of the band We Are Leo. We’ll be talking about their new record Fightback Soundtrack, what went into making it, their new label home and more. Also, we want you to help us advise the band on their next single. We’ll play two new […]

Weekly Fan Favorite Poll
feedback surveys Until our polls are back to their normal and charming selves you can only vote once per poll. Sorry for any inconvenience and confusion. We are working hard to try to resolve the issue Look for the new poll to go live sometime on Wednesday!  : )

This Week’s Guest: Gryp
This week we are joined by Curtis Shamlin, the lead-singer of the newly reformed nu-metal band Gryp. We will talk about why the band seemed to be on the brink of success and then fell off. Their sophomore self-titled album never was really released after having many thousands invested into it’s recording, but now it’s […]

This Week’s Guest: Truslow
We are joined by Truslow lead-singer and founding member James Truslow. It’s his first time on the show so we’ll be talking band history, future, and their current single ADHD.

This Week’s Guest: Decyfer Down
This Week on the show we are joined by Decyfer Down drummer and founding member, Josh Oliver. We’ll be talking about their current Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their next record. We will also discuss what they have been doing in their down time since their recent record Scarecrow.

This Week’s Guest: The JellyRox
This week on the show we are joined by Matt Langston from The JellyRox, Pool Party Death Machine, Best Friend Fight, and the defunct Eleventyseven. We’ll talk about all the craziness that is his life and why Reese Roper finally decided it was time to get Pool Party Death Machine off the ground. We’ll also feature […]

New Family Force 5 Music Video
Check out Family Force 5‘s new video for their track “Sweep The Leg” from Time Stands Still.

This Week’s Guest: Fireflight
This week we are joined by Fireflight frontwoman and singer Dawn Michele. We will talk about their upcoming record, what life has been like being pregnant and touring and more. She’s always a fun person to talk to, so don’t miss it. It’ll be airing on your favorite Christian Rock 20 affiliate so check here […]

This Week’s Guest: LoveLike Violence
This Week we are joined by Stephen and Stephanie Spencer from the band LoveLike Violence. Their song “Let Go” as already been the Fan Favorite of the week 4 times going into this week’s show and yet it is their first single. We will talk about their history as a band, their reaction to their […]

This Week’s Guest: Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil
This Week on the show we are joined by, artist, singer, producer and filmmaker Steve Taylor. We will talk about his new band Steve Taylor and The Perfect Foil, their recently released Goliath album, music videos, Chagall Guevara and more. This guy is a legend and always has a lot of fun on the show […]
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