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Over 10,000 songs played by hundreds of cutting edge artists
Muskegon Michigan's only Christian Rock Radio.
Conceived of in 2003 and finally on the air in 2008 Hey Radio, 88.9 FM was built to fill a void. Fully built and operated by dedicated volunteers who realize that there's no greater calling than to glorify and honor the name of Jesus Christ.

This is NOT your parents radio! When you want the best in cutting edge Christian music, tune in 88.9 FM. You'll have all the rhythm and beat that you want without all the cussin' and innuendo that you don't want.

Commercial Free and listener supported. Hey Radio strives to bring you nothin' but good tunes, lots of energy, and inspirational lyrics that will help believers and unbelievers alike.

Listen online at heyradio.com. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
CR-20 News

CR-20 News

This Week’s Guest: Tedashii
    This Week’s guest is Hip-Hop artist and host of the radio show Serium, Tedashii. We’ll talk about his latest release and more.

Weekly Fan Favorite Poll
polls   Until our polls are back to their normal and charming selves you can only vote once per poll. Sorry for any inconvenience and confusion. We are working hard to try to resolve the issue Look for the new poll to go live sometime on Wednesday!  : )

This Week’s Guest: Project 86
This week on the show we will be joined by Andrew Schwab of the the legendary Project 86. Their new album Knives To The Future just dropped on Tuesday and is fantastic. We will talk about the concept album, how it came to be, touring, their new video, and how life has changed now that […]

This Week’s Guest: Random Hero
This week on the show we are joined by Aaron Watkins, lead singer for Random Hero. We will talk about their recent touring, new record, current single, song writing evolution and more. Don’t miss it.

This Week’s Guest: A Life Set Apart
This week on the show we are joined by brothers Prestin and Jacob Apsley the duo that make up A Life Set Apart. Originally the line up was much bigger, so tune in to find out why they chose to keep a slimmed down roster and a new sound. It’ll be crazy.

This Week’s Guest: Dorean Lives
This week on the show we are joined by the members of Dorean Lives. Check it out as we talk about their unusual beginnings as a band, odd music video stories, their new single and what the band has in their future. It’s gonna be fun.

This Week’s Guest: Flyleaf
This week on the show we are joined by Jared Hartmann, guitarist for Flyleaf. We will talk about their new record Between The Stars, their new vocalist, upcoming tours, funding a record through pledgemusic.com and more.    

This Week’s Guest: We As Human
This week on the show we have We As Human lead singer Justin Cordle. We will be chatting about how it felt to be nominated for a Dove Award, his recent injury, touring, future records and more. Check it out.

This Week’s Guest: KJ-52
This week on the show we are joined by the one and only KJ-52. We’ll talk about his current single “Gameface,” what part Soul Glow Activatur played in the new record, what spawned the new sound of his upcoming record and more.  

This Week’s Guest: Scarlet White
Look forward to another chat with Scarlet White guitarist Dan Hall this week, as we talk about their fast approaching album The Inbetween, and what to expect from it as a concept record, touring, videos and more.
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